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Lost Pets

Tips for Finding Your Lost Pet

Visit every shelter…
It’s important that you visit all the local animal shelters to look for your pet because animals can wander far from home. It’s also necessary for you to visit Animal Friends Humane Society in person as we do not take lost pet reports over the phone. If you don’t find your pet at the shelter, leave a lost pet report and current photo with our office staff. Remember to check back daily as we can not positively identify your pet for you.

Hurry! Don’t Delay in looking for your lost pet.
Check each shelter daily. Don’t assume that a shelter will house your animal any longer than a few days. The Ohio Revised Code requires Animal Friends Humane Society to house stray dogs that are not wearing a current county license for 72 hours. A stray dog that enters our facility wearing a current county license will be held for 14 days. The State of Ohio does not require stray cats to be held for any length of time.

Additional steps to take are:

Make sure:
Your pet wears a current county license tag (for dogs), rabies tag and an ID tag with your present address and phone numbers.

Your address and phone numbers are on file with the veterinarian who provided your pet’s most recent vaccinations.

Your contact information is current with the registry for your pet’s microchip identification implant. A microchip identification implant is the size of a grain of rice and is inserted under an animal’s skin. It contains a number that is filed with a national registry. The registry keeps owner contact information. When a shelter or veterinary practice finds an implant on a lost pet, they contact the registry. To get a microchip ID for your pet simply bring your pet to Animal Friends Humane Society during operating hours. The cost is $20 which includes activation fee.