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Stray and Unwanted Animals

Looking to Surrender your pet?

We understand that sometimes it becomes necessary to give up a pet. The decision can be quite difficult and we are here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We only accept pets from Butler County residents. Being a private, not for profit organization we rely on community contributions to continue our life-saving work. To help cover a portion of the cost we invest in the care of each and every animal housed in our facility, we ask for a $10 relinquishing fee per animal. Dogs must have a current Butler County Dog License registered to the person relinquishing the dog, or one can be purchased for $14.75.   (Please view our Euthanasia Services for fees involved in the relinquishing of aggressive animals or euthanasia requests).

Animal Friends Humane Society accepts dogs and cats on a walk-in basis during our operating hours. We are not equipped to shelter small mammals, livestock, reptiles, wild animals or other exotic pets. For information on where to take these animals, please call us at (513) 867-5727.

Be sure that dogs are on leashes and cats are in carriers. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee personal belongings, such as toys or blankets, will stay with your pet. When dropping off an animal, please allow some extra time for us to gather information from you about your pet.

Please bring recent vaccination records, medical records, and be prepared to discuss your pet’s daily habits and behaviors. If you are not the owner, please bring a signed and notarized letter from that person giving you permission to relinquish the pet.

We evaluate each animal on its health and behavior for our adoption program. Although we cannot guarantee placement for any animal, we are proud to adopt thousands of pets into new homes each year. Other options we may explore for your pet include breed-specific or all breed rescue groups, transfer to another shelter, or humane euthanasia.

If You Find A Pet

If you have found a pet in Butler County, Ohio please bring the pet to us right away so that we can begin working on finding the pet’s owners.

Please bring your identification and be prepared to answer questions pertaining to where and when the animal was found. We will also ask for a donation to help cover costs of caring for the animal.

*Please Note – The state of Ohio does not have any laws regarding the confinement of cats. We will accept stray cats found in Butler County only.  Stray cats will be assessed and placed for adoption if health, temperament, and space allows.  If the cat is not able to be placed for adoption due to temperament or space but is healthy and thriving, it will go through our Community Cat program.  Through our Community Cat program, the stray cat would be spayed/neutered, ear-tipped, Rabies vaccinated, and released back where it was originally found. You can learn more about the Community Cat Program by CLICKING HERE. If a stray cat is not able to be placed up for adoption and is not eligible for our Community Cat Program, we will try to find rescue placement or proceed with humane euthanasia as a last resort.

If you’d like to care for the pet yourself, call us at (513) 867-5727 and leave a “found report” with our office staff in case the pet’s owner contacts us. You can also visit your local veterinarian to have the animal scanned for a microchip ID and identify the breed, sex and age.