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Pet Food Assistance

Pet Food Pantry

AFHS recognizes that many families temporarily face difficult financial times and may require assistance in caring for their pets. We believe that no one should face the difficult decision of having to surrender their pet, because they cannot afford the cost of food.
In order to help keep pets in their home, we are introducing our Pet Food Pantry. This is a service we will provide to citizens of Butler County. We will provide a household with food up to four spayed and neutered animals for up to three months. If your pet is not fixed, we will offer one month of food and provide information on low cost spay/neuter options.
You must be low-income or currently experiencing a temporary hardship in order to qualify for this program. Proof of government assistance, unemployment, disability, or other documentation of temporary hardship (reviewed on a case by case basis) is required in order for you to receive food from AFHS.

Our Pet Food Pantry is in operation on:

Tuesdays: 1-3PM

Thursday: 3-5PM

Saturday: 1-3PM

Do you need our help?

In order to help keep pets in their homes when their families are struggling financially, pet food assistance is available to the public, for free, while supplies last. Food is provided through various donations from our public and area businesses, and some bags may be torn.


PLEASE CALL 513-887-3616

Please do not bring your animals to your Pet Food Pantry appointment.

Donate to the Food Assistance Program

By contributing to our food program, your generosity helps keep animals in the homes where they’re loved and cherished. We are always in need of dog food (wet or dry), cat food (wet or dry), dog treats, cat treats, and kitty litter.

All sizes, brands, and types of food are greatly appreciated! Donations can be dropped off to AFHS during our regular operating hours and left outside our front door.

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